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Design process start with visit to property to gather measurements of property including elevation.  A copy to the property survey is helpful.

A discussion with homeowner to understand desired project outcome.

First design takes about 2 weeks. A presentation in our office or at your home  when completed to help determine if your vision was captured and what adjustments are needed.

Contract is signed to start the permitting, HOA, and get on the schedule.


Once all the permits are gathered and the project is to ready to start, we come to site and paint your project with you so that we get it exactly where you want it, 

This is usually only a couple hours and once completed, we meet with the excavator to go over design, entrance/exit from property, depths, and all aspects of holes that need to be dug.

nichols design.jpeg
andarza dig.jpeg


Our expert excavation team understands each project and meets the desired outcome everytime.  They dig and remove materials from site with the least amount of damage to other parts of the site.  

Forms, Steel, Plumbing

Once the excavation team is complete, the forms and the structural steel go in place and you can see what the shape is truly going to be like.  The plumbing team follows and lays out the plumbing from equipment pad to each drain and return for both pool and spa.  This is all checked before gunite.

andarza build.jpeg
andarza gunite.jpeg


One of the most important days of the build is the shooting of the gunite.  This is the shell or structure of the new pool.  The team that does this it is the only thing they do and are experts at it.  

Coping and Waterline Tile

Coping and tile selection are your choice and is really the signature of most any pool.  Besides plaster, tile and coping selection are 2 selections that you will see and feel on a daily basis.

cross tile.jpeg
schultz deck.jpeg


Decking is the space aound the pool that makes the space most enjoyable.  We take time to make sure it is right and the design flows with the pool.

Equipment and Electrical

We use top of the line Jandy equipment.  Each pools requirements are different and we will customize your equipment to meet the standards for optimized water flow and to power all water features.  Heaters, UV Sanitizers, Air Blower, filter, and chlorine tab dispenser are typical with most pools.  We can do Salt Systems and integrate with solar.  All systems are controllable with a phone app and connected to your wifi.

trifiro equipment.jpeg
wilson pre-p.jpeg

Pre-Plaster Punchlist

This is the time we ensure your pool is ready for the final step.  All plumbing, electrical, and decking will be completed.


The inner shell of the pool is most critical to the enjoyment of your pool.  The color and style are what you are going to see and touch for the life of your pool.  This install and care for the first 30 days are critical to the plaster look and feel.  

darter plaster.jpeg


Once plaster is in it is time to add water...that day.  We will work with you to ensure the water composition is correct and add the needed chemicals to optimize the curing of the plaster during that first month.  We will work with you to ensure the best results.

Pool School

During Pool School we teach you everything we can for controlling the pool and all the functions of each piece of equipment.  We are there for you to become your pool expert.  We will show how to test water chemistry and help you understand the what each level means to you and your equipment.  We will ensure you understand all automations including the iAqualink app.

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